Search optimization is at the core of your business growth. Whether yours is a local business or a globally widespread one, you need to depend on the search engines for getting constant flow of new customers.

To help you create strong SEO strategies that can help thrive your business, State of Digital contributor Helen Pollitt has shared some useful tips.

Pollitt says, “In modern SEO we must look beyond only optimising content, earning relevant backlinks and ensuring our sites are crawlable.  Before we dive into our SEO campaign we should consider some of the other elements which may not be front-of-mind.

SERP domination

With the organic search results being pushed further down the SERPs we need to remember the other areas of real estate up for grabs without a paid budget.  For instance, featured snippets, utilising FAQ schema and the Google jobs listings are all great ways of increasing your brand’s visibility in the search results alongside the standard “10 blue links”.

Video SEO

For many sites video plays an important part in increasing engagement and conversions”.

Knowing which lever to pull: Creating SEO strategies that deliver ROI

State of Digital

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