The main aim of working on the search engine optimization is to get more traffic to your website from diverse sources and to get repetitive visitors. SEO plays a crucial role in boosting your online business. 

Searchmetrics contributor Bert Winterfeld has shared nine SEO strategies that will help you to transform your business.

Winterfeld says, “The SEO challenges facing eCommerce sites are huge – products and topics are often similar across in different shops, and the competition is fierce. SEOs working for online retailers have to work out the best strategy regarding which Top-Level Domain to use, how to create high-quality shop texts, and how to optimize product and category pages. Based on your questions, we’ve compiled a list of the top SEO strategies for online shops in 2019.

1. Does it make sense to use the manufacturer’s name as a target keyword?

If you sell the manufacturer’s products in your shop, then I don’t see a problem. What would be an issue would be if you were offering rival products but you were trying to entice visitors to your shop using one manufacturer’s name so that you could then sell a different product”.

9 SEO Strategies for Online Retailers in 2019


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