Blogging helps you to stay connected with your customers by sharing your knowledge in the area you specialize. It also helps you to strengthen your search engine marketing when you publish regularly.

Rank Ranger team has published a new In-Search SEO podcast ‘Thinking about your blog from an SEO perspective’ featuring Matthew Woodward.

Rank Ranger team says, “Get ready and get set as Matthew Woodward joins us as we get into your blog’s performance.

  • How to decide on your blog’s identity & purpose (and find your niche)!
  • Being active & out there in order to find the right topics for your blog
  • Where and how does SEO fit into your blog’s success?

Plus, we take a data-filled look at Google’s core updates to see if they are really that much more impactful than your run-of-the-mill Google algorithm update“.

Thinking about your blog from an SEO perspective

Rank Ranger

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