Luke Maguire’s new AdvertSuite has been available for several days now. It lets you produce better ads for Facebook by checking what other advertisers in your niche have been doing and how well their ads have fared in the marketplace. Over 3500 copies have been sold.

Besides the main software, Maguire is currently offering 4 complementary bonuses that will improve your success with this new tool:

Bonus #1: Competitor Search Module

Enter your competitor’s page into AdvertSuite‘s search module and instantly see all their current and many past Facebook ads, along with their targeting info and landing pages. This information allows you to easily size up any competition in your niche.

Bonus #2: Domain Search Module

Want to see if a particular website is running Facebook ads and how well they are doing? Simply enter their domain name into AdvertSuite and instantly get their current information.

Bonus #3: Facebook Font Changer

Easily change the font of your Facebook posts and ads to make them stand out from the crowd. Stop people in their tracks as they scroll through their feeds so that they focus on your offer.

Bonus #4: VIP Facebook Group

Access to the private AdvertSuite VIP Facebook Group where Luke and other top online marketers will be working.

And don’t forget the 12 additional bonuses we have arranged for IMNewsWatch readers. Together with those above, you will have a comprehensive suite of tools to intelligently build your online business.

All these bonuses are exclusive to new AdvertSuite customers, and Maguire says they will be available to people who sign up during this first launch week.

Get all the details on this new tool today: AdvertSuite.

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