Today we have multiple ways to reach our prospects and convert them. When it comes to advertising, again there are several platforms. One such proven system is Amazon advertising which allows you to promote your products on the Amazon network.

The Marketing Insider contributor Michael Cohen has shared an article highlighting the worth of Amazon ads.

Cohen says, “Amazon is ubiquitous, having become the comparison-shopping engine of choice for consumers. It is the world’s most valuable brand, according to Kantar, and was cited by eMarketer as the third largest digital media selling company in the U.S. 

Ads on its platform are powerful and, since Amazon is its own attribution ecosystem, those brands that are advertising within its walls will know precisely how many units they sell as a result. But is that all? 

Not by a long shot. 

The phenomenon of online media having an impact on offline sales — or even online media in a single marketplace environment like Amazon having an impact on sales in any other marketplace”.

What’s An Amazon Ad Worth? More Than You Think

The Marketing Insider

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