Over the weekend, Chris Munch released a mindmap for his The $100k Shout Out process. There is no charge for the mindmap.

Remember, the purpose of this upcoming new training is to show you how even a complete beginner can generate $100,000/yr or more from scratch, using this unique strategy, while also giving you access to Munch’s new traffic software AmpiFire with ‘Done For You’ credits for using the software.

His e-book is still available at no charge. The mindmap adds additional clarity on his process.

When Munch first discovered the basics of his underground ‘Amplification’ method, he used it to make his first $100,000+/year online.

He continued to enhance is process to make it more powerful. Unfortunately, that additional capability involved more work. In fact, a single campaign would take him about 14 hours to complete.

It worked and made a living for him, but the long hours were killing him. That’s what led him to invest the last 5 years and over a million dollars to create software that does the hard work for him.

What used to take 14 hours now takes only 6 minutes.

The software implements a simple 2-step process:
1. Select What To Promote
2. Tell the software what you are promoting and turn it loose.

Today’s mindmap shows you what goes into this process ‘behind the scenes’ (that is, the underlying automation.)

Get the mindmap (and the earlier e-book) here: $100K Shout Out.

And today he is offering the first of several webinars showing how ro use his new process and software. You can register for the webinar on this page as well.

Here is the plan for the next 7 days:
August 19th – Today’s Early Bird Webinar
August 20th – Official Cart Open – 11am Eastern
Daily Webinars From Cart Open to Cart Close
August 22nd – Local Focused Webinar (optional; attend if if you work with local businesses)
August 24th – Ecom Focused Webinar (optional; attend if you do E-commerce on your website)
August 25th – PDF Summary of Webinar is available
August 26th – Cart Closes

There’s a lot of helpful free information available, and if you see value for your business, new marketing training and software available soon. Get it all here: $100K Shout Out.

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