Facebook, with its 2 billion active users and several marketing and advertising features, a hot destination for the digital marketing. To make your Facebook marketing rewarding you need to reach more and more people on the network.

Search Engine Journal contributor Roger Montti has shared some useful tips to reach more people on Facebook.

Montti says, “I recently had a Facebook post from a year or two ago pop up into many users Facebook feeds. One person discovered the post and was spurred to add a comment. That comment resurrected the post, resulting in two more people commenting on it. After that Facebook started showing the post not just to my friends but to friends of friends. As the post from a year ago garnered more discussion, it apparently began appearing in many people’s news feeds.

The point of that anecdote is to show how engagement works to extend the reach of a post. When people engage with a post, especially when they comment on it, the effect is to exponentially expand your reach to friends of friends and those who have previously interacted with your page or group”.

How to Reach More People on Facebook

Search Engine Journal

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