A strong social media marketing strategy can lead you to sure success resulting into better sales. For developing one you need to understand the behavior of the social media users in terms of their needs.

Social Media Today contributor Andrew Hutchinson has published an infographics featuring six steps to develop an optimal social media marketing strategy.

Hutchinson says, “These days, coming into social media marketing without a plan is guaranteed to see you fall flat, and lose out on opportunities.

In the early days of social, it was easier to start up a profile on a new platform and quickly build a following, but with algorithm changes, habitual shifts, and an increasingly digital native audience, who know what they like (and what they don’t), that’s no longer the case. 

Now, there’s more competition for attention within feeds, and people are using each platform in different ways, and for different purposes. Wade into that sea without a plan and you’ll just get washed away. You need a defined, strategic approach to maximize your return on effort, and investment”.

6 Steps in Developing an Optimal Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Today

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