Influencer marketing, one of the most successful forms of social media marketing, involves endorsements from influencers, people and organizations who possess an expert level of knowledge and social influence in their respective fields.

We have observed a sudden rise of this marketing form and as a result there are several people who misuse this form to make money online.

Convince & Convert team has published a new Social Pros podcast episode featuring David Armano, Global Strategy Director at Edelman who to discusses the relationship between word of mouth and influencer marketing.

Listen to the podcast and learn following:

  • How social campaigns have evolved over the last decade
  • How much testing and experimentation brands should do in social digital
  • 20How Edelman’s Trust Barometer works
  • The relationship between influencer marketing and word of mouth
  • How to assess whether a spokesperson is suitable for a brand promotion
  • How issues in crisis communication has changed in the era of social.

The Power and Shortcomings of Influencer Marketing at Scale

Convince & Convert

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