Quora is a platform used by Internet users to ask and answer questions. If you can utilize it well, you can generate a lot of traffic using this site.

Ezoic Inc. team has published a video titled ‘How to use Quora to send traffic to your website’ to help you increase your web traffic.

Here is the video description:

“Join Tyler as he shows you how to use Quora to bring more traffic to your website.

Quora is a very large online community that a lot of people still aren’t that familiar with, and that’s surprising since Quora drives more traffic to websites than any other social sharing site.

You need to create an account, subscribe to a handful of feeds (SEO, data science, tech). We will use a Kombucha thread to demonstrate this example”.

Watch the video to learn more.

How to Use Quora to Send Traffic to Your Website

Ezoic Inc.

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