By receiving the online reviews from your customers you can understand what you need to do to improve your products and services. Your user reviews play vital role in your brand performance monitoring which in turn helps you to devise future plans.

The Go Fish Digital contributor Tommy Glasgow has shared an article on when and how to respond to online reviews.

Glasgow says, “Not all reviews require a response. We’re here to help you determine when to post a reply and when not to based on our experience resolving customer complaints and encouraging a review rating change.

Here is your quick-reference guide for when your business needs to respond to online reviews.


Positive Reviews – That’s right, even positive reviews should warrant a response. This one is easy – thank the reviewer (by name if possible) for taking the time to leave a review. Personalize your reply even further by commenting on something specific that the reviewer really liked. 

Neutral Reviews – Most reviewers feel compelled to leave a review after an extremely noteworthy customer event, either good or bad”.

When to Respond to Online Reviews (And How)

Go Fish Digital

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