The social media platforms play pivotal role in enabling the marketers to get more prospects and convert them into customers. Twitter is also a proven platform that helps brands in creating more leads.

The Social Media Today contributor Ann Smarty has shared some useful ways to use Twitter for lead generation.

Smarty says, “Here are some actionable tips, tools and case studies on making the most of Twitter to generate more leads and discover new opportunities.

Firstly, increase the click-through

Ultimately, it’s generally very difficult to gauge which Tweets turn into leads because conversion is an on-page issue.

However, Tweets with the highest click-through rates, which, thus, will give your brand the opportunity to convert social media traffic into leads, generally include the following elements:

  • Pictures or images attached
  • 1-2 hashtags of trending or popular industry topics
  • A link to a valuable free resource”.

How to Use Twitter as a Lead Generation Machine

Social Media Today

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