Getting people to pay attention to (and respond to) your marketing messages is key to your online success.

Doing it without consuming a lot of your time is key for your ability to get things done.

Automating the process makes it usable 24/7, whether you are working or not.

Chatbots can help build this automated customer (and prospective customer) support system that will do most of the work for you. That can make a big difference in what your business can do for your bottom line.

Not only your business, any business with an online presence can benefit from the power of chatbots. So if you are a marketing consultant there are business possibilities for developing chatbots for all the businesses in your community and beyond. Here’s an important fact: than 1% of businesses are using chatbots today. However, within 5 years, chatbots are likely to handle 90% of all online customer inquiries.

Chatbots instantly engage with your prospects & customers both on messenger apps and on your site, and they never sleep.

They can:
► Answer questions
► Nurture leads
► Engage prospects wanting to know more about your products
► Close sales for you

And they do it all continuously, 24/7.

Historically, it costs thousands of dollars for a specialist to build a chatbot for you. Or if you use a generic chatbot, you still pay high monthly fees for bots with restricted features.

But now there’s an opportunity to bypass high fees and costly experts.

Tomorrow a brand new all inclusive chatbot platform, called Botstar, will be released by the Mo Miah team.

Over 1 year in development, it uses A.I. technology to:
• Easily grow lists of targeted buyers fast
• Maximize reach & engagement like never before
• Improve sales without extra work
• Handle your customer support 24/7 without your being online

You can create your own interactive chatbot in your niche in just moments with drag-and-drop ease. withour writing a single line of code.
You can watch the impressive demo of building a chatbot for a restaurant built right in front of your eyes in just 60 seconds. Granted, more complex chatbots will take longer, but the simple user interface will simplify your work.

Check Out the 60 Second Demo Here : Botstar.

When you get this chatbot tool, you will receive a commercial license so you can sell chatbots to your clients if you choose.

During the (short) launch period, you can get complete access for a low one-time price, without monthly fees, along with bonuses we have arranged to get you the best value.

This is your opportunity to take advantage of this new technology that will transform online marketing forever. Find out more here: Botstar, and be ready for tomorrow’s launch.

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