The performance of your marketing campaign depends on the kind of efforts you have put in while crafting your strategy. While working on your content marketing campaigns you need to be careful about different aspects of creativity and promotion.

The Convince & Convert contributor Anna Hrach has shared a seven-step guide to create an effective content marketing strategy.

Hrach says, “To help you get started on leveling up your content efforts, here’s an overview of each of the seven steps to creating your content marketing strategy:

1. Document Your Goals

It can be so easy to get caught up in the whathow and where of content marketing that we often skip over the single most important foundational piece: the why.

So why are you doing content marketing? Is it to create leads? Build relationships? Improve your customers’ experiences?

No matter what your content marketing goals are, just make sure they’re sustainable for the long-term and they actually connect to your organization’s overarching goals, mission and vision. To keep your strategy focused and crystal-clear, stick to three to five business goals max, and document them”.

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy in 7 Easy Steps

Convince & Convert

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