Learning the ins and out of the website algorithm can help you to chart out an indexing plan. When it comes to YouTube rankings you need to have the knowledge on how its algorithm works so that you can make your video content popular.

The Shopify contributor Amir Jaffari has shared an article highlighting how the YouTube algorithm works and why sometimes you are videos don’t get views.

Jaffari says, “In a research paper published in 2016, a group of Google engineers shared their plans for how videos could be surfaced through YouTube’s recommendation engine for a better user experience.

While it didn’t garner much attention at the time, it bears a lot of relevance to the YouTube of today since, according to YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, 70% of YouTube views now come through this recommendation engine.

Much of the discussion about getting views on YouTube focuses on YouTube SEO, social media promotion, and getting subscribers. While these contribute to the discovery of your videos, alone they don’t unlock the lion’s share of views you stand to gain from YouTube’s recommendation engine (via YouTube’s homepage and “recommended for you” suggestions)”.

How the YouTube Algorithm Works (Or Why Your Videos Aren’t Getting Views)


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