YouTube has been a great tool for the video creators to get a wide audience online and strengthen their promotional efforts.

The company’s Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan has announced new initiatives of YouTube for supporting its video creators by helping them to make more money online and more.

Mohan says, “Early last year, creator revenue on YouTube from Super Chat, Channel Memberships and merch was nearly zero. Today, these products are generating meaningful results to creators across the globe. In fact, thousands of channels have more than doubled their total YouTube revenue by using these new tools in addition to advertising.

Helping creators amplify their positive impact

Every day, people from around the world come to YouTube to learn something new – from math, science and literature to language lessons, music tutorials and test prep. Today, we’re introducing Learning Playlists to provide a dedicated learning environment for people who come to YouTube to learn”.

Live from VidCon: Creating new opportunities for creators

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