The How-To Geek contributor Tim Brooks has shared a six-step guide to improve your Internet connection speed.

Brooks says, “Depending on your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you can often get faster speeds by calling them (or visiting their website) and upgrading to a more expensive plan. Your monthly bill will go up, but so will your speed. Before you do that, however, here are some tips that can speed up your connection for free.

Optimize Your Wi-Fi and Local Network

Many issues with local networks, particularly those using Wi-Fi, are to blame for poor Internet speeds. Before looking at your Internet connection, it’s worth making sure your local network is up to par.

The most basic fix for poor network performance is to turn off your router (and modem, if it’s separate), count to ten, and then turn it back on again”.

How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

How-To Geek

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