The Buffer contributor Heather-Mae Pusztai has published a new podcast episode titled ‘The Best New Pinterest Marketing Strategies Working Today’.

Listen to this podcast to learn how you can improve your marketing on Pinterest.

Pusztai says, “One of the most powerful and effective social media channelsyou can be on today is Pinterest. It also happens to be the channel that drives some of the most curiosity.

We’re often asked:

How are brands and businesses succeeding on Pinterest today?

And how can you follow their playbooks to make waves yourself?

We were eager to get to the bottom of the Pinterest strategies that are working today, so we’ve done the research and added our findings here. We go deep on all things Pinterest marketingin this blog post. Join us as we explain the latest strategies, best content tips, and newest distribution tactics to help you get results on Pinterest and drive more engagement and clicks”.

The Best New Pinterest Marketing Strategies Working Today


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