Video makes a positive impact on your sales results, if:
• People actually see them.
• The right people see them.

You need ranking in search engines for people to see them. You need to choose the right keywords to rank so that the right people see them.

Today, Joshua Zamora is releasing a new tool to improve your video marketing: My Video Spy.

It helps solve both of these challenges to get your video in front of the right people.

Here’s what you can expect from My Video Spy:
1. Quickly Identifies Untapped Niches and Keywords in a few mouse clicks
2. Exposes Your Competitors’ Weaknesses to show you how to outrank them
3. Accurately estimates how much traffic your videos will get to save you the time and effort of promoting a dud.time and effort (no other apps does this well)
4. With the information it gives you, you have a good shot at a Page 1 Ranking in under 24 hours (and does it almost automatically).
5. Combined with your favorite Video Creation software, it works as a Traffic And Sales Machine
6. and much much more.

It is released at 11 AM EDT. Be ready. Before then, sign up for the “early bird” list. This will give you the best discount.

You see, for the first 4 hours, they’re going to be having an early-bird discount. But to qualify for this early-bird discount, you have to join the early-bird notification list.

Zamora has authorized us to give our readers 4 bonuses when they pick up this new tool. Check out our bonuses here: My Video Spy Bonuses.

If you are reading this before 11 AM EDT, click here to join the early bird list. If later, click to learn all about this new software: My Video Spy.

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