Mosh Bari has just released new software he calls TrafficXPro. Using it, Bari reports, you can build websites that publish useful content for your visitors and do it at no cost to you, automatically, based on a keyword you choose.

TrafficXPro searches for unique content from 10 well-known viral content sites, specifically:
► Facebook
► YouTube
► Twitter
► Pinterest
► Giphy
► Flickr
► Imgur
► Vimeo
► Pixabay
► DailyMotion

It uses the content related to your keyword that it finds to help build your website .

The advantage is you will never have writer’s block. You will never have to worry about having nothing to publish.

With TrafficXPro, you only need to invest seconds, rather than hours, to create new sites in any niche you choose.

Include affiliate ads in your site to earn commissions from free traffic, free content and free videos. Your work is mostly automated.

With TrafficXPro, you also can employ the power of social media in promoting your site to get free traffic from the social sites with a simple one-click process.

Once you build your sites, they continue to grow and attract new visitors for months and years to come.

Now, you can create profitable automated news content sites to get completely free traffic without any paid campaigns, without any ads and without any extra cost.

Just select the keywords, add to TrafficXPro, press one button and create your automated sites in a few minutes.

Start getting free traffic and earning passive income from your news content sites without any manual work. (Disclaimer: IM NewsWatch doesn’t use automated processes for its content. We have a professional editorial staff that does our news selection and posting. On the other hand, we have invested in TrafficXPro because there are other niches we are interested in, and we are considering this software for those sites to avoid adding additional personnel.)

Here is where you can see it in action and get your own access:: TrafficXPro.

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