I am frequently dismayed by the poor writing in the promotional emails I receive. There are a lot of grammar errors and misspellings. There are also sentences that don’t make sense.

I have wondered if there would be a market for having sales pages, emails, etc. reviewed for good English prior to release. The errors I see reduce a reader’s confidence in the ability of a seller to deliver quality products, so cleaning up the English should pay for itself in improved sales.

You may not have to hire someone to clean up your poor writing, though. There are tools that will improve your writing, and some of them are available at no cost.

There is a recent post in the Fast Company online site that shares links to five writing improvement tools that any online writer of either ales copy or content will find helpful. As the editors say, good writing is “an essential skill, and one that’s hard to just improve on your own if you’re not naturally endowed with the power of prose. Thankfully, we live in modern times and, as such, are surrounded by modern solutions.”

So take a look at these five tools. You will be glad you did.

Five Free Apss Make it Easy to Improve your Writing

Fast Company

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