New ViralReel software makes creating viral videos a breeze for any marketer.

With these videos, you can get views on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and more. The more views you get, the more results you get.

The process is simple:
1. Choose a style of video you want to create. Three popular, highly engaging forms of Viral Videos are available
  • Quote Videos: short/long videos with background video clips and a motivational quote running.
  • GIFY Videos: find trending GIFs for keywords and convert them into a single curated videos.
  • Trending Videos: find short trending video clips from YouTube for a niche or a keyword and curate them together into a single new video.

2. Enter the keyword you want to promote in the video

3. Click GO and ViralReel instantly creates a viral video for you in seconds, curating content it finds on the web.

4. Simply add your logo, your affiliate or sales page links and click to publish your video across YouTube and other social-media pages in seconds.

Get the whole story here: ViralReel. By the way, we have been given a (non-unique) complete set of bonuses for our readers. See them when you click.

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