When it comes to search engine marketing you need to have the knowledge of right keywords and should target them for best results. On the other side you should also be careful from the negative keywords.

The Hallam Internet contributor Jack Brown has shared an article highlighting three methods to research negative keywords in Google Adwords.

Brown says, “Negative keywords are the crux of any solid search network strategy. They’ll prevent your ads from showing for irrelevant terms that trigger with your keywords. Therefore, you can save money, improve click through rate and ensure the budget goes to the keywords that matter. 

Method 1: Search term reports

Reviewing the search term report is probably the most common way of finding new negative keywords. Schedule in a task to run through the search term report and add in any negatives you find. When adding the negatives, be aware of the match types you’re using. Match types are just as useful with negative keywords as they are for regular keywords”.

Researching negative keywords in Google Adwords

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