MarketingProfs is hosting a webinar on ‘Facebook Marketing in a Changing World’ on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 at 2.00 pm ET.

The MarketingProfs team says, “Facebook users have long associated the platform with News Feed. That’s changing, and fast, says Mark Zuckerberg. Catering to short attention spans—coupled with users’ desire for more private and ephemeral sharing—messaging and Stories are on the rise.

Facebook also continues to place massive emphasis on video, determined to become a major player in digital streaming. How can marketers make sense of all this and focus on the right mix today to get the right results?

Join us to learn:

  • Three key areas Facebook is prioritizing today—and how that impacts you as a marketer
  • How to plan for a diminished News Feed
  • How to cut through the noise, get noticed, and make the right people take action”.

Facebook Marketing in a Changing World


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