The QuickSprout team has published ‘The Beginner’s Guide to HTML’. This free guide covers the basics of HTML and ways to use it effectively.

The QuickSprout team says, “What do all of these sites have in common? In one way or another, they all use some form of HTML. That’s why learning basic HTML is such a useful skill.

Here’s the thing. You can definitely build a website without having to write a line of code. But with that said, once your site is live you should still know how to read and some HTML on your own.

So whether you’re creating a new website, have an existing website, or you just want to learn more about coding, this is guide will serve as the perfect introduction to HTML for you.

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is HTML?

This acronym stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Basically, it’s the standard format used to create web pages, web applications, and documents”.

The Beginner’s Guide to HTML


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