We first met Liz Tomey in 2006 when we got into online marketing. She was one of our first interview guests. Even then, she was known for her expert training. Now she has released The Pinterest Traffic Takeover Workshop: 5 days of expert Pinterest training.

If you have been our subscriber for a while, you will know that Pinterest is currently one of the most useful social media sites for marketers. Type “Pinterest” into our search box to see the details.

Tomey has been using Pinterest for some time, now, and has developed an expert’s grasp of its capabilities. Now, she will share he knowledge in this series of five webinars that get you up-to-speed in the details of Pinterest marketing.

In this new Pinterest Traffic Takeover Workshop, you are not going to just see a “talking head” and Powerpoint charts. No, she will show you the methods she has tested and proven to work. You will see her actually go through the processes, so you can follow along and try them for yourself.

Look at what one of her (delighted) students says about the curse:

Liz Tomey Pinterest Training

Every day of the workshop is recorded so if you miss one you can go back and pick it up. You will have access to the recordings and all teaching aids for every day. You will have access for at the very least one year. The recordings aren’t going anywhere, and Liz will be there to answer any questions you may have for as long as you have them. You will have direct access to her.

Not only are you going to get access to the entire Pinterest Traffic Takeover Workshop, but you’ll also get access to the LearningIM.com Mastermind Group where you can get quick help on anything you need, network with other attendees.

And, to top it off, we are going to contribute our step-by-step checklists on getting started with Pinterest and actually adding content to your account. It will be a fine cheat-sheet for what you learn from Tomey. You will find our checklists on the JVZoo download page.

Liz tells all, here. Get on board now: The Pinterest Traffic Takeover Workshop.

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