Continuous experiments can lead you to improve your email marketing campaigns and its performance.

The Duct Tape Marketing founder John Jantsch has shared four experiments to help you improve email marketing.

Jantsch says, “Here are some of the elements you can play around with when it comes to your email marketing campaigns (plus a tip on how to best facilitate all of this experimentation!). Check it out.

1. Vary Subject Line Lengths

For a long time, marketers were told that keeping email subject lines to between 40 and 50 characters was critical. Those are the number of characters that can generally be displayed in an inbox, so it was thought that allowing viewers to see the whole subject line was important to driving up open rates.

In fact, research from Marketing Sherpa now disputes that long-held belief. They found that read rates were actually highest for emails with subject lines between 61 and 70 characters. In reality, though, what works for one business might not be a success for another”.

4 Experiments to Try With Email Marketing

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