Ransomware is one of the biggest challenges that the online businesses are facing today. It is a form of malware that enters your computers through malicious code.

Ransomware also targets WordPress sites and puts your business at risk.

The Marketing Land contributor Sam Bocetta has shared five steps to secure your WordPress website against ransomware.

Bocetta says, “Too many website owners are aware of threats, but don’t take them seriously enough or don’t consider themselves a likely target of hackers. Waiting until after an attack is too late, even if you have a mitigation plan in place. With ransomware, the time to act is before you are hit.

1. Download only from official platforms

The open source nature of WP doesn’t make it a bad platform, but it does make it easier for criminals to insert malicious coding through the thousands of third-party apps. If you’re going to install new plugins, make sure that you download them from a reputable source – such as the WordPress Plugin Directory – which checks their software and apps for vulnerabilities before release, and shares user reviews about the software”.

How ransomware targets WordPress sites

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