When it comes to blogging, the first thing that catches the visitors’ attention is your post’s headline. You need be very careful in crafting a headline that tells them what is inside for them.

The HubSpot contributor Ryan Scott has published 13 types of blog headlines that can help you to gain more traffic.

Scott says, “The best headlines are the ones that capture the pain points of your target personas and introduces a topic that will make their lives better. And it must be compelling.

If your headline is not compelling, you’ll lose up to 80% of your audience.

1. The ‘Best’ Headlines

These headlines are powerful for SEO. These types of headlines speak right to the common web searches of your customers. Consider this — if you’re searching for ways to save money, wouldn’t you be intrigued by the best way? Or would you be satisfied with any old way?

These headlines are typically exact-match searches; starting off with the words”.

13 Types of Blog Headlines That’ll Get You More Traffic


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