The Marketing Jeet group, headed by Cyril Gupta is releasing CoreSEO today.

This new application lets you:
► Improve your website rankings for your important keywords
► Avoid Google’s penalties for black-hat SEO (this new tool is all white-hat)
► Find out which backlinks are good for your site and which are bad
► Find out what you need to change on your pages to improve the rankings
► Create SEO optimization reports which you can use for yourself or sell to customers
► Create a Google-compatible site map

Here’s the back story leading up to this launch:

1. Google search sends more traffic to websites every day than the top 10 social sites combined.

2. Success on Google can only be created by working with Google’s ranking algorithm. All those questionable backlinks or black-hat short cuts you may consider can possibly get you a higher rank for a week or even a month, but they won’t keep you there.

And after the new algorithm of ‘Domain Diversity’, it has become even more important to work with Google, rather than trying to work around Google.

Otherwise you will also get demoted in rank just like other formerly top sites.

3. The good news is that working with Google is easier than you think with CoreSEO.

This new SEO software takes into account every single Google algorithm update that affects your rankings including Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Rankbrain and now Google Core.

You owe it to yourself to at least check it out: CoreSEO.

Bonuses Available for CoreSEO

Gupta has allowed us to use a collection of his earlier products as bonuses for our readers. See these valuable bonuses here: CoreSEO bonuses from IM NewsWatch.

Candidly, we should explain that the bonuses on that page, valuable though they are, are not scarce. Any affiliate worth his salt is also offering them. However, we also have three more bonuses you won’t find scattered around, because Gupta has also authorized us to give you these products you can resell:

Video Spinner Video Spinner is a tool that lets you upload the same video again and again. It prevents your video from being considered a duplicate video by YouTube. It replaces some frames within the video while maintaining the audio.






Pinger Jeet   A fast, user friendly pinging application to update the content websites and search engines about the latest content on your website.It’s designed to cover all major sites and blogs.







Tube Inspector Jeet   The software resource to find the most effective keywords for your video and Pay per click campaigns.

Get this new SEO tool and our collection of 7 software bonuses and 3 resale product bonuses here: CoreSEO.

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