To excel your content marketing you need to continuously learn new strategies that can give an edge to your content and make it more persuasive.

The Content Marketing Institute contributor Kathy Edens has shared tips from best-selling authors that will help you to polish your content.

Edens says, “What can you learn from those best-selling fiction authors to make your content shine? These writers know how to grab readers’ attention and keep them turning pages into the wee hours of the morning, when they reach a satisfying end. I chose 10 favorite pieces of author advice that can make the biggest difference to your writing. (Several of the tips come from Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, which is an excellent resource for all writers.)

1. Remove everything that’s not part of the story — John Gould’s counsel to Stephen King

If the text doesn’t add to your readers’ knowledge or understanding, it doesn’t belong. Ruthlessly cut everything that isn’t necessary from your content.

2. Read. Read everything you can lay hands on — several authors including Stephen King, Lee Child, and Michael Moorcock

To write well, study excellent writing. Read posts and articles from writers who consistently put out content that gets shared across social media and the internet”.

10 Tips From Best-Selling Authors That Will Polish Your Content

Content Marketing Institute

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