Viral traffic, where your website visitors encourage other people to become visitors, is the best kind of traffic for two reasons:
1. It costs you nothing.
2. The invitation comes from a consumer, not a marketer, and typically the “recommender” is known by the ones invited, so they have high credibility, and that brings a high response to the invitation.

NewsProfix Pro builds automated sites that are naturally enticing for visitors, containing news-related content, automatically added, along with visuals.

Your viral traffic comes initially from 32 sources (automatically) and builds, from there, based on visitors referring visitors.

To that, NewsProfix Pro inserts ads for Amazon products based on the niche keywords you specify.

If a lot of people come to your site to get the interested news content, you will get a lot of views for your ads, and that should translate into a lot of clicks on your ads and increased income.

It’s a simple idea, but one that can make you a publisher in many niches in short order, because of all the automation.

While the offer is still open, and the price is still low, check out this new site building tool here: NewsProfix Pro.

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