Now you can create niche affiliate web sites, dedicated to news that virally draws in visitors, using 100% free Content and free viral Traffic in 60 Seconds.

The value of this automation and viral traffic is hard to overestimate. No longer do you need to worry about creating new content to promote products ever again. No longer do your need to concern yourself with traffic.

The new tool that can give you this capability is NewsProfix Pro.

This is an SaaS tool that not only creates your sites automatically; it also hosts them. In the demo video, you will see a site created and monetized in under 60 seconds after your affiliate credentials and niche keywords are entered.

Using NewsProfix Pro, you can:
► Create Sites with Unlimited Content. These are fully automated sites with videos, images and news content.
► Automatically Monetize your Sites with Amazon Products
► Build Engaging Affiliate Funnels in any Niche
► Promote physical products from eBay & WalMart to earn commissions
► In 1-Click, Find Thousands of Sources for your Site’s posts
► Publish (automatically) SEO-Optimized News Content for your Site
► Get free Viral Traffic from 32 Sources automatically
► Get 100% Free Social, Engaging Traffic That Multiplies Your Results

It will save you web hosting fees too because they host all your sites (including all your content) on their powerful dedicated servers.

You can connect your own domain name to your site or use the included Web Hosted System

Build Passive Income Sites that do the work for you: no writing, social posting or video making – ever.

NewsProfix Pro works in Any Niche you want – without manual work.

Your site grows its content automatically. It gets traffic automatically, too.

By the way, you can set up another income stream by offering to manage other people’s business sites using your NewsProfix Pro account.

As you would expect from such a professional package, it comes with complete Step by Step Video Guides

You can find out more and get your own access here: NewsProfix Pro.

The price rises at 11 PM EDT tonight, so don’t delay.

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