Social media platforms are an integral part of our marketing strategy. So we need to be careful while producing content for publishing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Search Engine Journal contributor Casie Gillette has shared three ways to help marketers make add more context to their social media content.

Gillette says, “If I have an understanding of what the content entails before I actually open it, that’s immensely helpful.

The great thing is this can be done through imagery, expanded updates, videos, formatting, and more.

Let’s dive in.

1. Go Beyond the Headline

It’s simple – copy the post title and throw it into a social update. Easy enough right?

The problem with this is it can be so boring! In most cases, it doesn’t sell the post and it certainly doesn’t encourage people to click.

Instead of just sharing the headline, consider the following”.

How to Add More Context to Your Social Media Content

Search Engine Journal

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