The SEM Rush team is hosting a webinar on ‘SEO Site Auditing for WordPress Bloggers’ on Tuesday, June 18, 2019.

The webinar will be conducted by Casey Markee and Arsen Rabinovich. They will discuss some useful strategies to perform SEO audit for your WordPress sites.

The SEM Rush team says, “With Google pushing out more core updates and algorithmic adjustments than ever before, it’s never been a more volatile time to position a site competitively! But there is help to be had…

Join Casey Markee of Media Wyse and Arsen Rabinovich of Top Hat Rank, two of the world’s most experienced forensic SEOs, as they discuss the topic of site auditing.

Learn how to audit your own WordPress blog with an eye towards reversing traffic and ranking drops by understanding and correcting bottom-line quality issues that run contrary to Google best practices”.

SEO Site Auditing for WordPress Bloggers

SEM Rush

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