The SEM Rush contributor Rhys Davies has published a guide titled ‘How to Add FAQ Schema to Any Page Using Google Tag Manager’.

Read this guide and learn how to seamlessly use the Google Tag Manager tool.

Davies says, “Google recently announced that they will be supporting the new How-To & FAQ structured data markup within Google Search and Google Assistant; this will allow webmasters to further enhance their search engine ranking positions (SERPs), along with providing more ways for users to access content from websites.

While implementing FAQ structured data may not lead to higher ranking positions; it can lead to capturing more visual real estate within your target SERP, leading to a higher click-through rate, giving you the competitive edge against your rivals.

In this guide, I am going to show you how to add, test and validate FAQ schema code on any web page without the need of a developer or any coding¬†knowledge”.

How to Add FAQ Schema to Any Page Using Google Tag Manager

SEM Rush

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