The Entrepreneur magazine team has published a new video ‘How Authenticity Makes a Difference When Marketing Niche Brands’ featuring Robert Schaeffler and David Meltzer.

Watch this video to find out how you can improve your marketing efforts by making your campaigns authentic.

The Entrepreneur team says, “Robert Schaeffler, CEO of DevaCurl, discusses the importance of delivering on the marketing promises that your company uses to gain and maintain your customer base, as well as how DevaCurl focused on solving a specific problem in order to find long-term success.

Schaeffler and The Playbook host David Meltzer share their thoughts on subjects such as advantages that independent brands have over big brands and why mentorship needs to be a two-way street in order to work. Additionally, Schaeffler and Meltzer discuss the process behind organically finding influencers who are authentically loyal to the brands they endorse”.

How Authenticity Makes a Difference When Marketing Niche Brands


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