Facebook and Instagram score high when it comes to promoting your products and services over the social media. With their wider following base these two platforms facilitate the marketers to reach bigger audience.

The Content Marketing Institute contributor Adina Jipa has shared six common Instagram mistakes made by brands and marketers. Read Jipa’s article to learn about those mistakes and avoid them when you are using Instagram.

Jipa says, “It can be frustrating to get the attention of the rather distracted users. However, too many brands are making mistakes that can be easily fixed, which will help their Instagram platform grow. Let’s look at six frequent pitfalls and how to fix them.

1. Lack of engagement

You rush to post without putting much thought into the creative and hope Instagram will do its magic to make it or your brand popular. You offer information and context that cannot be conveyed by the photo.

How to avoid: Don’t post and ghost. Replying to comments on your posts is not enough. Go out of your way to engage with other Instagram users, preferably the ones who have common interests with your brand”.

6 Instagram Mistakes That Keep Your Brand From Growing

Content Marketing Institute

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