The search engine optimization is an essential process for every organization as it leads you to be seen by hundreds and thousands of prospective customers.

When you outsource your SEO task, it is important to know about how it is being priced by various agencies.

The KnowTechie contributor Alma Causey has shared an article highlighting how the SEO pricing works.

Causey says, “As per a comprehensive analysis posted by Search Engine Land in 2017, 40% of businesses that had SEO contracts were paying under $1,000. From a broader perspective, what this essentially means is paying your employee to perform SEO for your business can be likened to hiring an experienced yet expensive agency.

But how much can SEO potentially cost you if you plan to outsource it? In light of this, here are some dimensions you should consider.

Monthly retainers

According to the same 2017 price analysis, approximately 3/4 of overall SEO strategists charge a monthly retainer. The most common retainer these professionals can charge is between $500 and $1,000. Remember, these estimates are for global averages. If you talk about the US, SEO retainers charge between $2,500 and $5,000″.

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