The Google Analytics platform is immensely helpful in interpreting the effectiveness of your websites and the campaigns that you run to promote your products and services.

The Social Media Examiner contributor Chris Mercer has shared a step-by-step guide to help you use Google Analytics to analyze and assess the effectiveness of your YouTube marketing.

On analyzing your YouTube channel traffic, Mercer says, “When your channel has lots of users, Google Analytics reports can tell you how people find and use your YouTube channel. You see this information by first making sure your filtered view is selected (if you created one).

To see the pages these reports track, click the Behavior option in the Google Analytics left-hand sidebar. From the Behavior report options, select Site Content and then All Pages. Notice that the All Pages report lists only channel URLs. Although the following example doesn’t have lots of channel users, you can see that only channel pages are tracked and the playlist and views users select”.

How to Analyze Your YouTube Channel Performance in Google Analytics

Social Media Examiner

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