Since the first of June, we have been telling you about TubeTarget, a new SaaS service from Cyril Gupta.

If you have only had so-so results with your ad campaigns, you might want to look at Gupta’s new tool. It is aimed specifically at smart ad placement on YouTube. It lets you find popular YouTube videos and video channels that are “monetized” (meaning, you can pay to place an ad there) in your niche so you can place your ads on them.

With the laser-like targeting and demographics provided by TubeTarget, all you have to do is enter the keywords and relevant search terms your audience is looking for.

You probably will discover thousands of videos to choose from, but with this new software, you will find your best options quickly.

And you can do it, without:
❌ Painstakingly looking for the best channels
❌ Spending thousands of dollars on ineffective Facebook ads with targeting inferior to TubeTarget.
❌ Worrying about competition and rising cost per click rates, because you won’t get as many clicks, but the ones you get are precision-targeted, so you get more sales with fewer clicks.

TubeTarget Offer Closing

Currently, it is available for a one-time payment, but that is about to change. This one-time pricing ends today, we hear. So if you have been on the fence, it’s time to make a decision.

Remember, we want to help you get the most out of your investment, so we have arranged a collection of bonuses that will fit well with this new targeting software from Gupta’s team. You will see these bonuses when you check our pre-sell page for this offer by clicking one of the links in this post. They’re not exclusive, but are high-quality.

You can see our bonuses and learn all about this powerful targeting tool here: TubeTarget.

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