YouTube is becoming a leading ad platform for online marketers. Facebook had better start worrying.

The key to successful ads on YouTube is getting the ads in front of likely buyers. That’s how to get a return on your investment in advertising costs.

How do you find likely buyers in your niche? They are the people who watch the popular videos in your niche. By placing your ads on these popular videos, you reach the right people.

Now, with software just released by Cyril Gupta, called TubeTarget, you have a simple way to select the top performing videos for your ads.

TubeTarget was just launched Friday and already, over 1,200 copies have been sold. People see the importance in limiting their advertising costs while getting real buyers to see their advertisements.

Because of the precision with which this software lets you target particular YouTube users, your cost per click goes way down. Some of the early adopters found they could get traffic for only 3 cents per click.

Don’t wait too long into TubeTarget because the price has already risen by $7 and it’s going up again.

This is high value software (it’s SaaS) and they plan to limit the number of users to maintain the quality.

Besides the software, you are getting powerful, cutting-edge YouTube ads training walks you through all the necessary knowledge in order to run fail-proof, highly-profitable ads.

To help you get the most out of your investment, we have arranged a collection of bonuses that will fit well with this new targeting software from Gupta’s team.

You can see our bonuses and learn all about this powerful targeting tool here: TubeTarget.

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