The account-based marketing refers to the marketing based on account awareness in which an organization considers and communicates with individual prospect or customer accounts.

The MarketingSherpa contributor Alyce has put together some useful advice from marketing leaders from various leading organizations.

Alyce says, “There’s a reason account-based marketing is exploding in popularity within the B2B world, and it isn’t because it’s the newest shiny-object bandwagon to jump on. It’s because ABM is the solution to making B2B marketing more effective than ever before.

We spoke with seven B2B marketing leaders who are seeing firsthand just how effective ABM can be. If you’ve been searching for advice and inspiration to supercharge your ABM initiative, read on. Here’s what the experts told us.

1. Lisa Ames, vice-president of marketing at Lucidworks

“B2B marketers inherently have a sense that there are some accounts that are a better fit for your business than others. So, the starting point for ABM is shifting your thinking to focus marketing efforts on going after thosepotential customers, not anyone and everyone in your addressable market.””

Seven Ways to Boost Your ABM Success: Advice From Seven Experts


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