Understanding what works to achieve higher rankings in Google is something you need to do constantly. There are multiple factors which help you to score well in the search results.

The Search Engine Journal contributor Jason Barnard has shared an article sharing how Google search ranking works.

Barnard says, “There are hundreds/thousands of ranking factors. Google doesn’t tell us what they are in detail (which, by the by, seems to me to be reasonable).

They do tell us that they group them: Topicality, Quality, PageSpeed, RankBrainEntitiesStructured DataFreshness… and others.

A couple of things to point here:

  • Those seven are real ranking factors we can count on (in no particular order).
  • Each ranking factor includes multiple signals, for example Quality is mostly PageRank but also includes other signals and Structured Data includes not only Schema.org but also tables, lists, semantic HTML5 and certainly a few others.

Google calculates a score for a page for each of the ranking factors”.

How Google Search Ranking Works – Darwinism in Search

Search Engine Journal

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