Brian Clark has published a new podcast on ‘Unemployable’.

The podcast is titled ‘The Essential Email Marketing Software For Freelancers’ and it aims at advising marketers on choosing right email marketing software.

Clark says, “Email marketing is (still!) a powerful tool that can help you launch your next product or find your next big client.

Whatever your goals are, having a solid email strategy is a worthwhile investment and can make a positive impact on your business.


Because email provides you the most direct line of communication with prospective clients. That makes it crucial for converting prospects into clients, which is why savvy freelancers have no intention of giving it up any time soon.

In this episode, Brian Clark discusses the benefits of having an email strategy in place. Then he highlights three email marketing software providers that you should consider as you plan your email marketing strategy — and, importantly, how to choose between them”.

The Essential Email Marketing Software For Freelancers


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