Wilco de Kreij has just released ConnectAutomate.

This is a new tool designed to help you get better results with your Facebook Ads.

It does this by automatically turning your best posts into optimized ads, automatically.

This tool can be used in many powerful ways. For example, you can use it to give your Facebook posts the exposure it deserves.

A second way would be to can use it to create high-return campaigns by creating Facebook audiences that are ready to buy.

Here’s the problem with Facebook marketing today: running Facebook ads is not what it used to be.

Their click-through rates are down. Their ad cost is up. And Facebook keeps adding new restrictions to what can and can’t be advertised, and how the ads can appear

So we are in a paradoxical situation. On one hand, Facebook is the largest source of traffic and potential buyers in the world. But on the other hand, it’s getting harder and more expansive to make it work for you.

That’s why ConnectAutomate was invented.

Check it out now and start running profitable Facebook ad campaigns again.

You can get the whole story here: ConnectAutomate.

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