When it comes to online advertising, the Google’s advertising programs score high and so most businesses use its advertising solutions.

Since it is one of the most commonly used ad solution, there are common mistakes too that the users make.

The Hallam contributor Pete Keyworth has shared seven common mistakes that people make while using Google Ads.

Keyworth says, “Setting up a Google Ads account and starting to advertise is relatively straightforward, but much more difficult to master.

Even with experience, mistakes can be made and achieving a great return on your ad spend is influenced by how you set up your campaigns as well as the time put into ongoing optimisation.

To help you make the most out of your advertising spend, here are 7 common Google Ads mistakes to avoid.

1. Advertising without understanding profit margins

Generating sales and leads are the primary goals for most businesses’ advertising activity. Traffic and brand awareness is also important but sooner rather than later you will need to see a return from your advertising spend to secure more budget.

Advertisers must understand their profit margins to be able to measure the performance and properly optimise their campaigns”.

7 common Google Ads mistakes to avoid


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