The Google Tag Manager enables the webmasters to manage and deploy marketing tags (snippets of code or tracking pixels) on their websites without modifying the site code. It offers flexibility to everyone for managing the code without much technical expertise.

To make Google Tag Manager more transparent and helpful, Google has added Custom Templates to it.

Google’s Scott Herman says, “For scenarios where the built-in templates don’t cover your needs, we also offer options to deploy your own custom HTML and JavaScript. To help protect the security of your users and sites, we already scan all custom HTML tags for malware. Developers can also choose to blacklist custom scripts directly on page. But, we want to help make tagging even safer.

Today, we’re introducing Custom Templates—a new set of features in Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360 to give you more transparency and control over the tags on your site.

With Custom Templates, you can use a built-in Template Editor to design tag and variable templates that can be used throughout your container”.

Tag Manager: Introducing Custom Templates

Google Blog

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