Marketing without technology sounds impossible today. For achieving success in marketing it is essential to cope with the technological changes that occur time to time.

Brian Clark, the host of Unemployable podcast series has published a new podcast ‘How to Succeed When Facing Exponential Technological Change’.

Clark says, “Technology and the internet are changing at an exponential pace. You can either approach the future with eyes wide open and a plan for how to adapt, or you can stick your head in the stand and be passed by … or run over.

This week’s rundown:

This week, we discuss an article with a clear-eyed, sobering view of what work will be like in future — and the ironic truth it lays bare about how to prepare for a career with this future hurtling toward us like a freight train.

We also discuss an article that reminds us not everything is changing. Preventing professional obsolescence may be changing drastically, but preventing health issues isn’t — because a few simple fundamentals of prevention remain constant”.

How to Succeed When Facing Exponential Technological Change


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