An effective copy plays vital role in achieving your marketing goals. It helps you to reach out to your prospects and persuade them to take an action.

The Copyblogger contributor Nick Usborne has shared five ways to improve copywriting skills.

Usborne says, “Here are five things that work for me — mix and match for your own use.

#1: Stop doing work you don’t love

From my experience, the absolute best way to stay fresh is to stop doing work you don’t love.

I was working as a creative director at an ad agency when I was writing those car brochures. As soon as that started feeling old, I resigned. Found new pastures.

I first began to feel bored with direct mail back in 1996. I haven’t written any direct mail copy since the beginning of 1997.

Ha! During both of those time frames I was the sole provider for a family of six, going through good times and bad”.

How to Keep Your Copywriting Skills Fresh


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